Leading Innovations in School


 Bio gas project

          Bio gas from food waste project was prepared and submitted for district level in the academic year 2017-2018 by our school teacher.

Salt water fuel

          The salt water fuel project was prepared by our student M.Yogeshwari in the year 2017-2018. From sea water she has prepared Eco friendly hydrogen fuel which is used to vehicles.

For this innovative project she has received INSPIRE award in state level exhibition.

School grey water management

          Our school grey water management committee has taken efforts to purify grey water and used it to our school garden.

Rain water conservation – Recharging shafts

          Rain water is harvested in our school through recharging shafts to increase the ground water level by rain beaver technique. We are proud that our school has initiated this innovative technique among government schools in Tamilnadu.

Water recycling pits

Nearly 50 catchments have been fixed in our campus to collect water in the pit. Nearly 1.3 acres of building areas give 7.7 million litres of rain water.

Herbal garden

          We grow 230 medicinal plants and 45 trees which are rare of its kind in our school area. We have fixed scientific name boards with their benefits to create awareness among the students.

Vegetable garden

          In order to give nutritious noon meal to our children, we grow organic vegetables in our school garden. Our vegetable garden provides an average of 2kg tomatoes, 50 drumsticks, and 10 bunches of green, 250 grams of green chillies and 5 kg of other vegetables.

Science village project

          A teacher along with 5 students from our school have participated in science village project which was held in Lucknow for 5 days. The students gained knowledge and experience through various activities like seminars, debates and cultural programs.

Seed ball making

          Nearly 2 lakh seed balls were prepared and distributed to social activists by our students.

These seed balls are thrown on barren lands while travelling to increase Afforestation.

Science Park

          Science Park is set up and maintained neatly in our school campus by science teachers. Our students experience and enjoy learning science through scientific models such as periscope, periodic table, centrifugal force, etc…

Scope project

          Every year our school students with the guidance of our teachers participate in scope project. In the academic year 2020-2021 we have received 6 awards

Pupils learn through discussion, reading, writing, field trips, listening to speakers etc. Besides regular classroom teaching, there are also lessons that can be effectively taught and learned by going to the community and observing, asking experts and actively participating or even initiating community activities.

1. Rally- we have gone for rally to create awareness on;

v Rain water harvesting

v  Road safety

v Water conservation

v Child labour

v Education awareness

v Abusing girl child

2. Parents conference – Focus problems related to the child

3. Learning outcomes of vocational group - Children develop their practical and theoretical skills.

4.  Usually students are taking part in industrial visits and field trips. We often take our children for the following companies,

–        Megala Machines

        Majestic group of companies

        SRG Apparels

        MKM Group of company

 They are also our enthusiastic sponsors and volunteers, who are giving internship and also giving employment to our students. Regarding food management MKM Hotel provides training, certificate courses and employment to our students.

                     “Vanam” group of company encourages our students to cultivate organic plants. It gives self-employment to our students.


Fashion designing students are always picked by the entrepreneur. They are well versed in


        Pattern making



        Agri field


           NIFT – giving higher education to our students. In and around Tirupur, our Students are taken to Agri field trip

Organizing field trips, helps our students to learn from community members in their institutional setting. The renowned companies like Sashti cars, R.A Agencies are giving internship and placement to our students. Silambam, Taekwondo, Boxing, Sword fighting are taught by some volunteer to our students