Instructional leadership in school for transforming teaching-learning process


We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, which need to be return, so that they blossom. Every child deserves an education that fosters academic excellence and all rewind development and ensures their well-being.

          At Jaivabai, we provide learning environment that inspires and motivates children and encourages them to explore limitless possibilities in their quest for knowledge. Our caring and committed teachers are our pillars of strength. Students are made to learn and learning becomes joyful and rewarding. Our accomplishments over the past 75 years and reputation as one of the biggest government girls schools in Tamilnadu- a government school with attributes continue to do our best in preparing children for the 21st century.

          We ensure our students learning development by offering learning exposures and continue monitoring. We provide 3 streams of group in higher secondary catering the needs of the students. Based on their marks and interest, there are 10 different groups available for our students.

          For aspirants we provide NEET and JEE coaching with specially trained teachers. As well as we provide counselling for CA students. SPEED INSTITUTE provide NEET and JEE coaching classes through ICT for our science students to get best opportunity to write and pass NEET to pursue MBBS & BDS.

             For even students with below average mark, who desires to pursue education are offered platform to continue education. In the academic year 2019-2020, out of 19 qualified students 4 of them got medical seat. A degree for a secure future, we provide textile and dress designing, food service management and nutrition and dietetics.

 School Leadership for Development Teacher as Leader

School level leadership enables students learning and learning out comes made us to realize our student’s strength in managing tight corners in the society. Student ministry formed in our school by separately conducting election for them which highlighted children ability to work across all levels. Exposure to team and individual’s responsibility encourage a sense of team spirit and individual effort and accomplishment in the minds of students. Mock polling booths, banking and market places were enacted by our students, in front of public nurtured our student’s ability in grasping root level works in all sectors. Money management, business targets, ethics and values projected by our students declared their all-round development.

       As a part of motivation students appearing for public examination from rotary they provide UNNAL MUDIYUMsession in order to help our children shed they negativity and increased their positivity towards life.