About us





Our school is the foundation of a strong society; where the minds are moulded and the destiny of a nation is shaped.

Leading teams for quality improvement:

National Cadet Corps

NCC inculcates unity and discipline in everyone.   Students are enrolled from IX and X Std every year. Weekly parades are conducted in the School campus on every Saturday under the in-charge of NCC officer. Cadets are taken to firing range near Sulur for shooting practice now and then. Selected Cadets take part in annual NCC camps - ‘A' National level special camp which is organised every year. Cadets are trained to appear for a certificate exam conducted by Directorate of NCC under ministry of defence.

Scouts and Guides

Interested students from Vl Std to Vll Std are selected every year. Under the guidance of Scout and Guide teachers, training is given in scouts and guides activities with the help of Tamilnadu Bharat Scouts and Guides. 

Junior Red Cross

          Volunteering students from Vl Std to Vll Std are enrolled every year by the JRC Master. JRC classes are conducted once in a week and training is given to all in all activities. In J.R.C training, first aid awareness is given to the students.

National Service Scheme 

The NSS with 50 volunteers run effectively in our school. 50 students in the higher secondary level are selected and admitted under this scheme. Every year the special camp is held at village to create motivation among the students and the people on societal issues.

National Green Crops

The National green crops was started in our school, with 25 students. Every year students of eight standard are admitted in the club. Every year our students plant 1500 saplings in and around the locality to create awareness on growing trees for secure future.

Red Ribbon Club

 In adolescence, each female undergoes many physical and psychological change. Appropriate counselling is given to the students by the team members.

Science Club
           Science club in our school does various projects and extending support comprehensively to spread awareness on science in all forms of life.

Language Club

Our students engage in activities including playing games, dancing, singing, listening activities and speaking in both Tamil and English with fun. It aids support to live with confidence.

Maths Club

Our school maths club conducts maths games, puzzles, quizzes. Maths helps us to have better problem solving skills. Celebrating the birthdays of famous mathematicians enable our students to get inspire and take home their accomplishments.

 Social Science Club

This club organises different activities like Putting up social science exhibition and spreading awareness on historical achievements of our nation. Preparation of project report on different topics .Decoration of display board in current issues and other topics is added feather on the cap.

Quiz Club

           Quiz club is functioning in our school with the objective of training the students to actively participate in various Inter school level quiz competitions.

Plastics Awareness

          The students and staff of our school organized a rally to spread awareness on ‘saying no to plastic ‘.

Health education

Through health education club students are educated about self-hygiene and eating balanced diet as well as keeping the surrounding clean etc. The purpose of these activities is to develop a sense of confidence and motivation for having successful healthy life.


          Our students use posters that illustrate habits like washing hands keeping the surroundings clean. They involve in designing and sketching the posters.

Hand Washing Team

 A health awareness programme was conducted for students by the health inspector. The children were sensitized about the importance of washing their hands.

Student Patrol

Student patrol with 50 students informed to maintain discipline while coming and going out of the school. They were given Jersy. They are guided to regulate vehicles in front of the school.

Students Ministry:

          Students’ ministry is formed to ensure their ability in handling issues that our students face. Being a model school all the teachers ensured their presence before the school time. All the students are advised to be present in time and not to be late. Students in the discipline ministry make the latecomers realise their mistakes and advised them to be on time.


“An ideal school environment works to build safe learning spaces for our students”

                                           GREEN CAMPUS

Our school is green campus which comprises 1272 floras. There are so many different kinds of trees like Asoka, Neem, Coconut, Jack fruit, Mango, Almond, Jamun, Nochi, Gooseberry, Lemon, Yellow flower, Guava, Teak, Tamarind, Orchid, Cargo, Bamboo, Peepal, Pink flower tree and so on.



          We got 45 medicinal trees which are rare of its kind in our area. The medicinal trees such as Vitex Negundo (Nochi), Citrus Limon (Lemon), Saraca Asoca (Ashoka), Millettia Pinnata (Pungai) provide natural cure to few general ailments and also induces positive energy to the students. 


          The term edible trees describes that produce fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and pods suitable for human consumption. Growing these kinds of trees like Mango, Coconut, Jackfruit, Guava, Tamarind and Gooseberry in our school provides not only food for students and also enhances the sharing habit among them.


          Flowering trees are also presented in our school, that removes some toxins that is present in the air. Other than this, it also increases the level of oxygen inside the campus and purify the air. Fragrance from the bloomed flowers provides refreshment to the students.



          Herbal plants like Basil, Aleovera, Mint, Fenugreek, Fennel, Ginger, Oregano, Curry leaves, Andrographis Paniculata, Justicia Adhatoda, Eclipta Prostrata are present in our school. On the whole 230 medicinal plants in our school provides natural remedy for various normal ailments. The main motto of growing herbal plants in our school is to emphasis the magnificence of the therapeutic characteristics and provide knowledge about traditional treatment among the students.



          Our school Oxygen Park is covered with golden trees. In Oxygen Park we have skillfully planted more number of trees like Neem, Peepal and herb like Tulasi to make the campus rich in oxygen.

           We celebrate Van Mahotsav by conducting rally and planting trees which contributes the students’ participation in environment conservation.


 There is a beautiful vegetable garden in our school. Gardening plays an important role in environmental protection; gardening also prevents soil erosion of our school. Vegetable gardening has created by our school students. This provides an opportunity to know how to prepare organic fertilizer and how to use waste water for plants. Students get life oriented basic skills from it.